A One Stop Store offer of secure transaction solution complete and inclusive.

Deam is the partner of choice for financial institutions, banks and major retailers. Deam provides banking solution and retail with a One Stop Store offer of secure transaction solutions.

This offer combines:

  • Banking solutions
  • Payment applications (local, international, debit, credit)
  • Payment terminals
  • Hardware connectivity
  • Managed Security
  • Value-added services (money transfers, mobile phone top-ups, loyalty card and credit card management, payment of bills etc).
Providing One-Stop Solutions to Leading Financial Institutions

Your Challenges
The global financial services industry (FSI) is faced with rapidly-changing market conditions and the need to control costs, increase operational efficiency, enhance security and accelerate revenue growth rates. To stay competitive and seize tomorrow’s opportunities, you need a reliable and trustworthy partner who can value-add through thought leadership and technical capabilities.

Meeting Your Needs
At Deam, we work closely with leading global and regional ISV, financial institutions, insurance providers and securities companies. Through in-depth domain knowledge, business process and IT sourcing solutions and services, coupled with our regional presence, best practices and strong methodologies, we are well-positioned to support your operation, regional expansion and ensure that your institution’s group standards are being adhered to. Being a vendor-independent system integrator supported by strategic alliances with best-of-breed technology providers, you can be assured that our solutions will be well-integrated into your multi-platform systems environment.

Driving Innovation for National Security

Your Challenges
Increasingly complex threats from terrorism on a global front, amongst others, have elevated the needs for homeland security agencies to strengthen their ability to react to critical situations rapidly. The agility to protect the people, assets and future of nations requires a constant effort in staying ahead of the aggressors, where collaborations are required at multiple levels across various government agencies both within each country and at international levels. Such expansive collaborations demand for innovative solutions that can improve efficiencies strapped with stringent security requirements.

Meeting Your Needs
With more than 20 years’ experience and expertise in developing solutions to aid homeland security, NCS strategises with the respective homeland security agencies, innovates and executes solutions that are specially designed to support collaborative homeland security management at multiple levels and across various government agencies. Since the 1980s, we have grown progressively with customers in the various stages of ICT development for government agencies; from computerisation program in the past to present-day re-engineering of business processes and introduction of intelligent systems. Staying through the years of structured development of ICT with our customers has enabled us to build a wealth of experiences to support customers’ adoption of various platforms seamlessly. NCS ensures smooth transitions to new technologies that allow customers to effectively retain their operational agility in a secured manner. We build our homeland security solutions based on enterprise architecture, adopting latest web technologies and supporting heterogeneous platforms. These solutions are centered on five key domains:

National Immigration Police
Immigration for all International Airport and border checkpoint
Narcotics Enforcement

Deam work with ISV partner that provide the foundation that will take your company to an exciting new level of innovation and profitability.

Partner’s solutions deliver end-to-end convergent billing and customer care, plus real-time rating, charging and policy for voice, messaging and next generation data services. The products and services enable operators to monetize the value of each transaction while personalizing the subscriber experience to meet mainstream, niche and individual market segmentation requirements. Whether you are a Tier-1 operator searching for new capabilities and increased efficiencies for your legacy OSS/BSS systems, or a high-growth operator looking to build a true real-time end-to-end strategic platform that will support both current and future services, our Partner has the solution that will get you there.

Flexible Solutions for Dynamic Businesses

Your Challenges
The business world’s embrace of enterprise systems has fast become one of the most important development in the corporate use of IT. While it is true that enterprise systems can deliver great rewards, the risks they carry are equally great. It is imperative that an enterprise system must serve the company’s strategy, organization and culture, so that you may fully harness the benefits.

Meeting Your Needs
As an independent system integrator, Deam leverages on the strong relationships with leading partners to provide the best-in-class solutions and deliver a complete suite of server and storage solutions aligned to your business objectives and priorities.

Our extensive server and storage solutions and services include:

Server and storage consolidation
Exponential data growth in today’s businesses results in rapid expansion of storage sub-systems to accommodate new capacity, performance and availability requirements demanded by business units. Silos of server and storage systems result and cause management and resources inefficiency. Our experienced solution architects will work with you to put in place the right consolidation strategy that simplifies and optimizes your existing infrastructure.

Data protection and recovery
It is imperative that businesses protect its data effectively as information represents the most critical asset of your organization today. Deam offers a wide range of solutions that includes disk-based backup, enterprise tape backup, archiving solutions as well as advanced technologies such as data de-duplication, point in time snap-shot copies etc to meet increased demand and expectations on service level for backup, recovery and compliance objectives.

Storage management services
The inevitable result of this is the need to store and manage data for convenient access.
Our full suite of storage services revolve around the storage management life cycle of:

Assessment: Identifying storage investments and risks. Understanding the key business requirements and identifying existing gaps within the existing infrastructure.

Design: Providing solutions according to storage requirements. Architect the best fit storage strategy and solution to meet business objectives.

Deployment: Selecting and implementing the storage solution Implementation and deployment of solution, including testing, commissioning and user acceptance.

Service Functions: Rolling out secondary storage, backup and recovery requirements.

Management Manage and Optimise: Developing and managing storage process and procedures. Continuous approach to manage storage processes and storage life-cycle management to optimise storage utilization and satisfy changing requirements over time.

Our Experience
Entrusting their enterprise systems and storage with Deam, our customers have benefited from our value propositions:

A large and varied array of systems/storage solutions for both open systems and mainframe platforms Availability of a wide range of systems/storage solutions to suit the needs and budget of each and every organization Enhances availability of business information

Requirements for Data Centers are becoming increasingly multi-faceted. Total design means being able to respond to all our customer’s needs, be they related to design, technology or monitoring. Our team of specialists bring to our clients the ability to harness the most advanced technology and equipment, thereby creating an environment that can be trusted for its uncompromising performance.
Reliable Power is critical in order to keep your systems accessible at all time. UPS & AVR systems maintain constant power and offer complete protection against any power line disturbances. For mission critical situations, N+1 redundancy is recommended.
Information is now recognized as a major asset owned by any organization, but threats to and attacks on this all-important asset are increasing daily. We secure IT infrastructures, applications, and data. Our services include security assessment, strategy and planning, architecture and design, implementation, and operations

Fault Detection, Notification and Management
Provides real time alert and notification of fault, threshold and event occurrence in an enterprise network

Performance Monitoring, Analysis, Reporting and Management
Provides customized solution to gather, analyses and reporting of enterprise network performance and health

Configuration Management
Provides customized solution to manage the configuration of network devices

Our Experience
Customers who have entrusted us with their requirements have gained the following :

Customised solution based on certificated expertise and technical know-how Industry best practices Secure, ground-up design and differential services to meet changing business requirements Enhances workforce productivity Allows voice, video and data to be managed from a single platform Assurance of service quality from Cisco certified IP telephony system integrator Enhanced user experience for web, database and storage applications Consistent management of network devices with timely reports for decision making and planning

DEAM Technical Services Team offers a variety of vendor maintenance programs, which are completely back-to-back with the respective vendors. These maintenance programs are provided with the full technical and logistical support by vendors such as Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, Nortel Networks, Check Point, and many more.

A selective list of premium maintenance services offered in conjunction with major vendors is given below:

Oracle|Sun Support
Designed to support round-the-clock, mission-critical computing environments, Oracle | Sun Platinum support is Sun’s comprehensive, high-availability system support solution.

DELL Hardware Support Onsite Call-to-fix Service
The service helps you minimize system downtime due to hardware failure. It gives you a commitment to resolve hardware problems within 2 to 4 hours during office hours upon logging of your service call.

Cisco Managed On-Site with Spares Services Pack, 4 Hour (7×24) Service
This maintenance program provides technical support services, advance parts replacement and on-site labor to replace parts.
In cases where on-site services are not available from the respective product vendors, DEAM Technical Services Division can offer its maintenance programs incorporating the support of on-site engineers.
Some of the premium DEAM maintenance programs offered include:

  • Dascom Tally Maintenance Programs
  • Diebold Maintenance Programs Oracle Database Maintenance Programs Microsoft 6X8
  • Maintenance Programs Verifone 6 x 8 or 7X24 Maintenance Programs
  • Symantec 6X8 Maintenance Programs
Relocation service means more than just moving boxes. It involves the protection of your computing investment & convenience of a single point of contact for all your relocation needs. Special attention to handling systems critical to the operation of your business as well as systems that require special handling and/or packaging. DEAM offers the end-to-end management of equipment relocation through the provision of designated project managers, vendor certified engineers, transit insurance & professional transportation. We will be there to co-ordinate the entire operation from start to finish and to allocate resources in ensuring a seamless transition.

Your Challenges
In a globalized economy, the ability to continue business even during disasters has become a vital criterion for enterprises. Organizations need to possess a sound business continuity strategy that helps them recover quickly and minimize disruption to stay off an otherwise financial catastrophe.

Meeting Your Needs
At DEAM, we provide a comprehensive suite of solutions that identifies the potential threats and develops the framework for your business to return to ‘business as usual’. We work closely with relevant authorities in setting and enhancing industry standards. DEAM has the capability and experience to support recovery services on different platforms. We are vendor independent in that we have our own hardware and software engineers to support multi-system environments, which is a critical factor in supporting BC/DR.

Business Continuity Management Services

  • Full Business Continuity Planning
  • Business/Systems Impact Analysis
  • Crisis Management

Business Recovery Centre

  • Hot/Warm/Cold Facilities
  • Multi-Systems, Network and Voice Recovery Service
  • WAN/LAN Recovery Service
  • Work Area Recovery Service
  • Trading/Dealing Room Recovery Service

IT Disaster Recovery Planning and Project Management

  • Off-site Storage Facility
  • Disaster Notification Service

Our Experience
Deam has built up credible experience in developing business continuity and recovery plans. Customers can leverage
on our strengths, including:

  • End-to-end planning and solutions for your business recovery and continuity needs
  • Certified consultants with years of industry knowledge and experience
  • Choice of solutions from a variety of partners